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EPGP Loot information


Hello Everyone!

So The EPGP Loot system, in my opinion is the best, most fair system out there. Below is information on how we will be utilizing it.



Loot Rules

We use an EPGP system to distribute nearly all loot in our 40-man raids.


  • Each boss killed in every 40-man raid will award anywhere from 10 to 20 EP. These values are fixed per boss depending on difficulty and time required for the kill.
  • Loot distribution follows a certain Loot Priority list found below.
  • For most loot, priority is determined by EPGP. Read more about EPGP below.
  • Every raider has a base GP of 100.
  • A minimum of 100 EP is required to bid on loot.
  • Passing on upgrades in order to minimize GP is heavily discouraged.
  • At the end of each week we will decay all EP and GP with 7% to prevent hoarding.

What is CEPGP?

CEPGP is the EPGP Addon we use, EPGP is based on the concept of Effort Points and Gear Points.

Effort Points quantify the effort each member put towards the guild goals.

Gear Points quantify what each member got back in return.

Loot priority is computed as the quotient of the two; the priority is equal to EP/GP.

Read more about EPGP here.

Are you not able to calculate integer division on the fly?

Weak. Luckily, we use an addon to manage EPGP.

Note that this addon is required if you want to get loot!

Earning EP

You can earn Effort Points or EP in a few different ways:

  • Killing bosses in our raids awards 10 to 20 EP per boss.
  • Showing up before we start the invites awards 10 bonus EP.
  • Contributing gold to the guild bank awards 10 bonus EP.
  • Being recommended EP for extraordinary actions to benefit the guild.
  • Donating high level mats and items to bank.
    • icon Righteous Orb - 5 EP
    • icon Arcanite Bar - 5 EP
    • icon Arcane Crystal - 5 EP
    • icon Fiery Core - 1 EP
    • icon Lava Core - 1 EP

The first two are pretty self-explanatory, but it might be useful to clarify why we reward contributions to the guild bank.

For BWL and beyond, it is useful to flask our main tanks which greatly increases their survivability and our performance as a raid in whole.

It is not reasonable to ask them to fund flasks on their own and we do not make enough gold selling mats each week to afford flasks either.

Therefore, we want to make this a guild effort.

Any raider who contributes at least 50 gold in a week will be awarded with 10 EP.

You can only earn at most 10 EP each week, no matter how much you donate.

Loot Priority

LGTC will use the following class/role priority lists for all drops(coming soon):

  • Onyxia's Lair
  • Molten Core
  • Blackwing Lair
Using the above priority lists, we then follow:
  1. main-spec for main characters.
  2. off-spec for main characters/main-spec for alt characters.
  3. PVP for main characters.
  4. off-spec/PVP for alt characters.

Finally, the gear is then given to the raider with the highest PR.


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